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Nobuhle Maphumulo

Business Name: Nobuhle Maphumulo

Nobuhle Maphumulo, from Siyanda Kwamashu Township in Durban, is a talented young crafter specializing in telephone wire baskets. She began creating these intricate designs at the age of 15, inspired by hermother, Pretty Ntombifuthi Mwimule and her grandmother, Zodwa Maphumulo, both skilled artisans in their own right.

Now 28, Nobuhle continues to innovate with various shapes and patterns that she designs herself. Crafting is a family tradition, passed down through generations, and has become a vital part of their livelihood.

Grateful for the skills and guidance provided by her mother and
grandmother, Nobuhle also dedicates time to teaching the youth in her township. She aims to equip them with the skills to create their own designs and earn an income.

Passionate about her work, Nobuhle looks
forward to advancing her craft and passing on her knowledge to her
future children.

Contact No: +27 73 332 6275  I  Email: juniorsnakhomaphumulo@gmail.com  

Esther Filiba

Business Name: Monkeybiz South Africa

Monkeybiz South Africa is a vibrant and socially-conscious enterprise
dedicated to preserving and celebrating South Africa’s rich cultural
heritage through art. Established in 2000 by Barbara Jackson, Shirley Fintz and Mathapelo Ngaka-Mtati. Monkeybiz has evolved into a beacon of empowerment for local artisans, particularly women from marginalized communities.

Specializing in the creation of exquisite beadwork, Monkeybiz artisans skilfully blend traditional techniques with contemporary designs, resulting in unique and striking pieces coveted by collectors worldwide. Beyond the beauty of their art, Monkeybiz is committed to fostering sustainable livelihoods and uplifting communities.

Through fair trade practices, the enterprise ensures that artisans receive fair compensation for their craftsmanship, empowering them to support their families and invest in their futures.

Driven by a passion for social change and artistic expression, Monkeybiz has garnered international acclaim, with its creations featured in prestigious galleries, exhibitions, and collections around the globe. More than just a business, Monkeybiz is a testament to the
transformative power of art and the enduring spirit of South Africa’s
diverse cultures.


Contact No: +27 21 424 8263  I  Email: esther@monkeybiz.co.za I  Website: www.monkeybiz.co.za I IG: @monkeybizcape  I  FB: @monkeybizsouthafrica

Nozipho Zulu

Business Name: ZuluGal Retro

Nozipho Zulu is the owner of ZuluGal Retro. Established in year 2016, this Durban based business produces and sells handmade art pieces, handmade crafts and recycled fashion accessories made by economically marginalised creatives in KZN. Nozipho combines her background in Fine Art and business to produce products and supports the move towards sustainable fashion, while creating job opportunities for the unemployed and self-employed creatives.

About ZuluGal Retro

This social enterprise was founded with the belief that the arts and craft industry has a potential to significantly contribute towards economic empowerment and the improvement of socio-economic well being of disadvantaged groups.

ZuluGal Retro products are inspired by traditional Zulu crafts, African visual culture and contemporary modern-day fashion. The owner of Zulugal Retro uses her Fine Art and design knowledge to equip crafters with skills to produce contemporary handmade fashion accessories. Through ZuluGal Retro, our creatives produced unique competitive products for local and international markets. Therefore, ZuluGal Retro empowers Zulu indigenous crafters, self-employed artists and unemployed youth with a platform of exposure and sustainable income generation opportunities.

Visit our store for handmade fashion accessories that combine sustainability, with well-crafted designs. Redefine, refresh and renew yourself through ZuluGal Retro: https://zulugalretro.co.za

Our vision

We want to positively impact the lives of the economically disadvantaged and the unemployed talented youth through the production of unique visual art and craft products.

Our Values

  • We treat our project artist community with dignity, while meeting their needs.
  • We believe in creativity that sustains its communities and the environment.
  • We aim to empower by sharing skills and promoting growth.
  • We constantly explore creativity and innovation in our projects.
  • We treat our customers and stakeholders with honesty, integrity and remain transparent. Our missionWe aim to be an enterprise of excellence that uses art and design as an empowerment tool by creating income generation opportunities, which foster economic sustainability and a positive impact on the environment.

Contact No: +27 73 446 4360  I  Email: zulugal.retro@gmail.com I  Website: www.zulugalretro.co.za I FB: https://www.facebook.com/nozZuluGalRetro/

Instagram:@zulugalretro I Twitter:@ZulugalRetro

Jabulile Nala

Business Name: Okuhle Kodwa Projects

Zulu ceramics play a central role in traditional Zulu ceremonies.
Jabulile Nala, from rural Oyaya KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, learned
directly from her grandmother, Siphiwe, and her mother, Nesta Nala.
Nesta became world renowned for her exceptional skill and artistry.
Jabulile Nala, along with her sisters Thembi and Bongi, continue in the family’s esteemed tradition.

South Africa is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse
population, and complex history. It’s understandable that a region so
diverse and culturally rich is home to master artists like Jabulile
Nala. Female potters of South Africa have been renowned for their skill for over 2,000 years. Nala carries on a rich tradition of
pottery-making, infusing classic shapes and designs with her own unique touches. Her family has been regarded as masters of the art form for several generations.

Nala’s ceramics achieve their unique appearance thanks to an open firing technique, the oldest means of firing pottery in the world, with the first known examples of the practice dating back to between 29,000 and 25,000 BC.

Nala decorates her pottery in a uniquely contemporary style. A pattern, for example, might include raised areas of geometric embellishments that mimic the scarred body decorations which adorned Zulu warriors in generations past. Nala’s keen design sense and superior skill have earned her national and international acclaim, as well as fans around the world.

Contact No: +27 63 967 2754  I  Email: jabunala2012@yahoo.com I  Website: www.jabulilenala.com

Angeline Masuku

Business Name: Angeline Bonisiwe Masuku Trading (PTY) Ltd

Angeline Bonisiwe Masuku hails from the rural outskirts of Northern
Kwazulu Natal in Mpembeni Area, Hlabisa She learnt the art of weaving baskets and storytelling using distinctive historical patterns at a tender age of eight years from her great-aunt. The baskets are coloured traditionally with natural dyes. All items are hand-woven using palm leaves and grass to create baskets, placemats, wall-hangings, laundry baskets, jewellery boxes and traditional chairs.

Contact No: +27 72 109 9329  I  Email: angeline.masuku@gmail.com 

Nokukhanya Nhlalonhle Khumalo

Business Name: Nokukhanya Nhlalonhle Khumalo

Nokukhanya Nhlalonhle Khumalo is a skilled artisan from Hlabisa, Mpembeni area in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She began weaving at the young age of six, inspired by her mother’s baskets. During school holidays, she dedicated her time to perfecting her craft, and after completing her education in 2015, she continued to pursue basket weaving professionally.

Nokukhanya meticulously prepares ilala palm and sources natural dyes from plants, trees, and berries to create her unique designs. In addition to her craft, she is passionate about empowering other women in her community, providing training and support to help them develop their own weaving skills.

Contact No: +27 79 284 7454 I  Email: khanyokhumalo95@gmail.com